Performance works - works

Core Services

At Performance Works, our mission is simple: enhance performance in areas most critical to you. We believe the following five areas are the most critical for performance improvement and have developed proven approaches to deliver dramatic, actionable results.

Purpose and Brand

Who are you? What does your organization stand for? What are your values? Clear organizational purpose and brand help employees set daily priorities and define a memorable identity among customers and partners. Performance Works works with your team to define identity, mission, and values—and then aligns these with culture, behavior, product and services to create brand leadership and improve performance.

Services include:

  • Brand audit, analysis and recommendation
  • Market-based validation of organization’s unique value proposition
  • Company and product positioning
  • Development of sales tools emphasizing brand, market positioning, and unique value proposition for specific markets and customer segments
  • Sales training on vertical markets and tailored product positioning

Markets and Customers

Who are your target customers and markets? How well do your products and services fulfill market needs? Targeting the right customers—rather than creating generic messages in the hope of reaching everyone—is one of the fastest paths to growth. Performance Works uncovers underlying market needs and dynamics to ensure your products target the right markets and customer segments.

Services include:

  • Best fit vertical market and customer segmentation analyses
  • Market ecosystem analysis, identifying best fit partners and channels
  • Development of go-to-market strategies, where your value proposition is tailored for each market and customer segment

Products and Services

What does it take to become a product category leader? How does an organization implement a shift in product strategy and delivery – both internally and externally? Category leadership requires a differentiated offering delivering “whole product” value to a defined target market. Performance Works’ market assessment defines the components of product leadership most relevant to your key markets and customer segments.

Services include:

  • A product and service roadmap capable of sustaining category leadership
  • Product release schedules
  • Channel partner ecosystem for reselling and supporting your products

Organization and Culture

Are your organization’s values, culture, and structure aligned with your core mission, markets and leadership success factors? Does your organization behave in ways consistent with your values? Does your organization communicate consistently and clearly so employees are informed and feel included? Organization and cultural design are not luxuries. They directly drive productivity and results. Performance Works evaluates how well your organization meets the needs of employees, customers and other stakeholders—and defines actions to drive alignment and ultimately, performance.

Services include:

  • Strategic alignment analysis, assessing specific areas of organizational and cultural misalignment with overall strategy
  • Organizational design
  • Employee engagement analysis
  • Team effectiveness analysis
  • Customer satisfaction / voice of the customer analysis
  • Innovation assessment

Resources and Operations

Does your organization actively manage your real estate and ensure your facilities support employee performance? Are you reconsidering capital structure or sources of financing? Financial capital, technology capital, human capital and real estate all need to be managed as a portfolio to maximize stakeholder value. Performance Works views corporate resources as a portfolio and determines how well resource portfolios are aligned with company strategy.

Services include:

  • Financial capital strategy
  • Workforce assessment
  • Technology strategy and investment
  • Facilities and capital equipment portfolio assessment